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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Danube Delta Trip

We glided through narrow, winding channels lined with a canyon of reeds for a half hour, then around a bend, a broad lake opened up in front of us.  The horizon was ringed with reed banks, and where the reeds met the edge of the lake was a shimmering, like sparkling diamonds.  Before we could ask what that was, a curtain of birds, thousands of them, rose to the sky--white pelicans.  It was perhaps the most beautiful sight in my life.

We were touring with Peter and Caroline Vasiliu, our hosts in CriÈ™an, a small village on the Danube Delta.  Peter grew up on the Delta, his father was a tour guide, and he and his wife opened one of the first eco-tourism lodges on the Delta.  The accomodations were nice, the food outstanding, and the company was international, as we were the only Americans we encountered the whole time we were on the Delta.

The B&B has a traditional thatched roof

Nancy's new friend Laura, Peter and Caroline's 3 yr old daughter

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