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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Romania

As we drove across the Hungarian border to Romania, within 30 minutes we saw all the things that make Romania a special place, "Oh, there's a __________; we haven't seen that in weeks!"  So here are all the things that we noticed that are uniquely Romanian:

"Horse-Carts on the Highway!"
This picture was taken in the Fall. Not enough snow for winter.  This is one of those things that the novelty has worn off; we saw six horse carts in the first 30 minutes in Romania.  Not worth the trouble to get out the camera anymore!

 "Orthodox churches!"

"Wooden Bisericas!"

"Our host family!"
Taken at Cornell's birthday in October.  They greeted us when we got home with home-made Ciorba de varza with pieces of smoked pork from their Christmas pig.

Roast pork
Ciorba de burta
Ciorba de varza (cabbage soup)

We also learned what you can't do when it is -8C:
Wash the windshield; the water freezes before you can wipe it off.
Go through a car wash; the doors freeze shut.

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