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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Snow in Cluj

Friday after Thanksgiving we woke up to two inches of fresh snow.  Nancy woke me, "Get up get up, come look come look."  It was like her first Christmas morning.
Snow out our front door

So we put on our warmest clothes and went for a walk before it started melting.  We wandered through the neighborhoods until we found ourselves at the Botanical Garden.  We went in to enjoy the untouched snow in the gardens.

Of course, Dan had to try out his traditional Romanian cold weather clothing.  This includes hand-felted leg warmers  that you wrap around your ankles and a conehead hat made of heavy wool.  This is the outfit that the funeral procession pointed and laughed at in an earlier post (theyre-laughing-at-my-legs).  I only noticed one or two people staring at my legs today.  They are much more discrete in the city.

Dan in his traditional Romanian cold weather clothing

Nancy in the Botanical Garden

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  1. that looks beautiful and i love those leg warmers! bucharest is not that nice now...too rainy :(