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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting the Weavers

We traveled with our new Fulbright friends to Maramures, a mountainous region in the north known for its traditional crafts.  One of our Fulbright friends is an artist studying traditional arts and crafts who also speaks Romanian.  One of the highlights of the trip was meeting weavers in these villages.
We had admired a rug at a shop, and our Fulbright friend made conversation with her.  Soon, we were in her house to look at more of her handmade rugs.  We bought an rug that she made over 20 years ago.
Later, our Fulbright friend showed up with a beautiful blanket made with handmade yarn dyed wth vegetable dye.  So we met another weaver. When we showed up she was working in her garden.  Hanging across the garden were skeins of beautiful yarns dyed with onion skins  (see photo).  On her porch were piles of handmade yarns of all different colors, the most beautiful were red yarns dyed with red onion skins.  We bought two blankets.

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