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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nancy's dream house in Romania

We've accomplished a lot in a week:  Since we arrived last Monday, I've worked out my teaching schedule with the department, and opened a Romanian bank account; Nancy has bought cell phones and found a place to live.
The apartment is Nancy's dream house!  It is what we would call a "mother-in-law" apartment attached to a larger house.  It has 4 rooms--2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen, one bath.  It was the original house built in the 1800s, but recently remodeled with new windows, new radiators, new water heater, Persian rugs throughout.
What makes it Nancy's dream house is the fact that it is in a large garden. Our dining table looks out on a large grape arbor, loaded with tasty grapes, and apple trees.  Around at the back of the house are more fruit trees, apple, pear, cherry, and vegetable gardens with broccoli, potatos, celeriac, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers.  And chickens!  The back corner of the back yard has a chicken coop and we get fresh eggs every week.
Another thing that makes it Nancy's dream house, is that it is as good as an internsive home stay.  The cute little grandparents in the big house come talk to us in Romanian every day.  Nancy and Cami have already gotten Romanian cooking lessons, and they hosted us for grilled meats and grilled vegetables in their backyard.

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  1. Wow, sounds so wonderful. Seoul, Korea is beautiful as well. Maybe I'll do a blogspot. As always...you are inspiring students. Take care. Karen Owens